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Fitness Instructor – Career Choice?

If you ask me about annoying people, I will tell you that one of the most annoying is my friend who is a  Personal Trainer in Birmingham. Are they bad people? No, certainly not. Are they as people unlikable? No. The problem is that when I’m exercising they are telling me to work harder, push myself more. While I know that is exactly what I need to do, and that is just what they are getting paid to do, I still can’t help but fantasizing about smacking them across the face just once. I’m not a mean person by any means, but even I have my limits, and I can get cranky when my limits are pushed.

I would never do that of course, because I really don’t have anything against any fitness instructor I have ever met. They are great people, even if they are a little overly peppy. They do what they need to do to keep you moving so you can get the very best out of your workout. Even though my temper may flare in the middle of a workout when the fitness instructor says, “Just one more time,” I am grateful to them when the workout is over and I feel like I have accomplished something.

If you are having trouble keeping up with your fitness instructor, you may want to do something a little different until you can get your endurance up to par with the class they are holding. Everyone has to start somewhere, and many times classes with a fitness instructor are not the best idea for someone just starting down the path to a better lifestyle. Unless a class is specifically geared towards beginners, you might want to work one on one with a personal trainer for a while before you attempt a class. You may even find working with a personal trainer is something you want to stick with permanently.

If you are in great shape, on the other hand, and you love to workout, you may want to consider being a fitness instructor as a way to make money. Many gyms need instructors who can teach and keep a class moving and motivated. You can take courses to teach you how to be a good and effective fitness instructor, and these may also help you learn how to be a personal trainer if you want to skip the class and work one on one with people. For the workout junkie, this might be the perfect career choice.

Safe Standing Choice of Audience


Standing during football matches has been a craze for long but not many stadiums permit this. It was the Bangor City that took the credit of introducing safe standing. Supporters were not permitted to stand during the match in European or international matches. So the club decided to provide rail seating also called safe standing. A road show was conducted to showcase the advantages of safe standing by John Darch belonging to the Safe Standing Roadshow. He said that safe standing gives a unique opportunity to the audience that want to watch the match standing. The safe standing area can offer the advantage of watching the match from a occupied the terrace that can be converted into a seating area if needed. There is no doubt that this could offer a greater choice for the spectator.

Since football fans wish to stand and watch the match, they should be provided the choice to enjoy the game better. A Liberal Democrat Assembly Member, Aled Roberts for North Wales said that Welsh Assembly must legislate on stadium safety and be the pioneer in promoting safe standing. It is also felt that adding safe standing following the goals can prove to be a ripe chance for the team. Safe standing can prove beneficial for stands when big matches are conducted. Bangor City will soon turn out to be the first football club in Britain to establish safe standing on their ground. The Book People Stadium located in Nantporth is a new stadium that has conducted Europa League matches and other international matches.

Fans Protection And The Role Of Football Ombudsman

The connection between a football club and protection is the hot topic of discussion; with most football fans find inadequate security haunting them. Learn how to complain. The first place to approach is the football club and when there is no relief then go up to the appropriate league. When you find no respite here either then the last stop would be the Independent Football Ombudsman (IFO). Despite offering recommendations, the IFO has no power to enforce their recommendations. The question that arises is if the football fans are provided the same consumer and contractual protection as in other industries. Should the regulatory body also have the power to enforce their adjudications?

As far as protection is concerned the court does not have the power to force a club to allow people they don’t want on their property. At times, the clubs are even seen acting as jury, executioner or judge with the complete knowledge of the police. Any premier league handbook provides rules and guidelines for the club’s responsibilities and obligations towards the players. But when it comes to fans, the rights are left high and dry. This has to be rectified given the time, money and emotions a fan invests in every game. In most cases, the football follower is punished with bans leaving them with no protection against the authoritarianism of the football clubs. Of course, this does not mean that football clubs should not deal with problematic fans but they should work out a viable solution keeping the system in place.

Supporters’ Involvement In Fan Club


How best can fans be involved in the club? What could be better than legal rights to buy shares? Following the German model, the shadow minister for sports, Clive Efford put forth proposals to legislations that could give fan trusts right to buy shares of the club when they are sold. Moreover, the government also announced the Supporter Ownership and Engagement Group that would get to the bottom of fan involvement in football governance. Football clubs can get over the financial crisis with the support of the fans. It is these supporters that form the basis of community unity by working and fighting to keep the sport alive through their ardent support for the game.

The irony is that despite being an integral part of the game the fans are being excluded, and only 14 clubs have their active participation on the board. The entrance to Premier League and Champions League has seen more clubs being a party to administration. As a normal practice football players are paid first, and the rest is distributed to local businesses. In many cases, football fans and supporters have come to the rescue of the bankrupt clubs to keep the game alive through their governance.

With clubs just concentrating on business the lifeline of the game, customers are always forgotten. Fans can help give a new vision to the clubs that have always focused on short term success. On the other hand, fans can also understand the pressures undergone by the club administration to meet the expectations of the customers.

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