Monthly Archive: February 2015

Accommodating Disabled Fans is a Challenge

Football has transformed into a global game, and the support of millions has made this game a money spinner. Fans experiences are not the same for all. The experience of disabled fans varies from normal fans. Disabled fans are left disappointed during the game. Poor conditions at the football ground have made fans unable to attend the match. Disability access is not available in most grounds that make it a nightmare for disabled fans. Despite various forms of disability being fought at the football ground, the rights of disabled are yet to be upheld.

Some of the facilities that football stadiums lack include discriminatory ticketing policies, lack of disabled car parking and toilet facilities, poor sight line and insensitivity to sit with similar fans. Despite efforts being taken in this direction, there is still lot left. All this is left to more support from fans to get the message on the top of the agenda and allow the disabled to experience equality similar to other fans. In order to promote this awareness, there are support groups on Twitter and Facebook, which fans can avail for this cause.

Weeks of Action 2015 campaign helps to get involved in promoting awareness on expanding the facilities for disabled fans. This campaign aims at providing special facilities to the disabled at the stadium to make their match watching experience fun and relishing. Give them a new lease of life by bringing them the football stadium to experience the real fun of watching the match in the open.

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