Fans Protection And The Role Of Football Ombudsman

The connection between a football club and protection is the hot topic of discussion; with most football fans find inadequate security haunting them. Learn how to complain. The first place to approach is the football club and when there is no relief then go up to the appropriate league. When you find no respite here either then the last stop would be the Independent Football Ombudsman (IFO). Despite offering recommendations, the IFO has no power to enforce their recommendations. The question that arises is if the football fans are provided the same consumer and contractual protection as in other industries. Should the regulatory body also have the power to enforce their adjudications?

As far as protection is concerned the court does not have the power to force a club to allow people they don’t want on their property. At times, the clubs are even seen acting as jury, executioner or judge with the complete knowledge of the police. Any premier league handbook provides rules and guidelines for the club’s responsibilities and obligations towards the players. But when it comes to fans, the rights are left high and dry. This has to be rectified given the time, money and emotions a fan invests in every game. In most cases, the football follower is punished with bans leaving them with no protection against the authoritarianism of the football clubs. Of course, this does not mean that football clubs should not deal with problematic fans but they should work out a viable solution keeping the system in place.

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