Football Fans And Political Manifestos

Football fans should be given the privilege to participate in the reforms of the game. The game is nothing without fans, and hence they should be given the opportunity to take part in the policy decisions of the game including ticket prices, safety, ownership, and diversity. Political parties that have no inclination to the game have increased their support for the sport. Some of the party manifesto includes welfare schemes for the sport and the manifestos of various parties are highlighted. The Conservative party manifesto has it that the Community Sports facilities will be improved. The party manifesto states that it will work with local football associations and premier leagues to fund artificial pitches in 30 cities across England. It also committed to increasing the number of women in national sports governing bodies by 25% by 2017.

The Labor Party, on the other hand, has it that the football is more than business as it is related to the emotions of the people. The party says that it will include fans to be part of the clubs by giving supporters the accreditation to appoint or remove two of the directors of a club. Also, 5% of the television rights income will go to funding grassroots. The Green Party has it that employees be granted legal rights to buy their companies. The Liberal Democrats has it that safe standing areas be introduced. Also, enact laws to make homophobic chanting a criminal offense. Also, encourage fans to take part in the reform of football governance. Football supporters welcome the idea of strengthening fans voice in decision making.

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