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Ticket Cost Must Be Dropped


The premier league is one of the most financially beneficial clubs and is the most competitive when it comes to quality of competitions. This club has one of the best footballers in the world. This has given them a wider audience in terms of domestic and international audience. The money benefits many including players, owners, agents, and executives. The fans are the ones who are left out. Despite the rising broadcasting rights and the fans stand to pay more for the tickets. Wouldn’t it be beneficial for the fans to share this income? With the ticket cost spiraling over the years, hardcore fans have decided to stay away. Take for example the Manchester United the cheapest ticket has increased to a whopping 785% since 1990.

Supporters are not just a source of income for the football clubs but are more than that. It is their loyalty and emotions that drive the game. Their cheers provide vitamins to the team and uplift the team atmosphere. None of these attributes of the fans are being rewarded instead on the other side their loyalty is just being exploited. The massive TV revenues can give scope for movement. A single TV deal can bring £40 for a ticket, but yet the prices of the tickets do not seem to drop. The rise can help lower leagues and other grassroots football. Away fans contribute to the home support. They are impacted by the factors of travel cost, stewarding issues and policing. The bad news is that these factors have resulted in overall fall in away attendance by 10% across the globe.

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