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Supporters’ Involvement In Fan Club


How best can fans be involved in the club? What could be better than legal rights to buy shares? Following the German model, the shadow minister for sports, Clive Efford put forth proposals to legislations that could give fan trusts right to buy shares of the club when they are sold. Moreover, the government also announced the Supporter Ownership and Engagement Group that would get to the bottom of fan involvement in football governance. Football clubs can get over the financial crisis with the support of the fans. It is these supporters that form the basis of community unity by working and fighting to keep the sport alive through their ardent support for the game.

The irony is that despite being an integral part of the game the fans are being excluded, and only 14 clubs have their active participation on the board. The entrance to Premier League and Champions League has seen more clubs being a party to administration. As a normal practice football players are paid first, and the rest is distributed to local businesses. In many cases, football fans and supporters have come to the rescue of the bankrupt clubs to keep the game alive through their governance.

With clubs just concentrating on business the lifeline of the game, customers are always forgotten. Fans can help give a new vision to the clubs that have always focused on short term success. On the other hand, fans can also understand the pressures undergone by the club administration to meet the expectations of the customers.

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