What Is The Motivation Behind Owning A Football Club?

The most popular game in the world football does have a huge fan following. The reputation of the game has given rise to gigantic number of leagues and football clubs that are bourgeoning by the day. Football clubs are not new to UK. It is not easy to own a football club and it requires a certain amount of status in the society informs Dan Jones of Manchester who is the lead partner of Sports Business Group of New York based Deloitte Consulting. Earlier, in England football clubs were owned by businessman related to football or dealing with football products. For instance, the Liverpool Football Club was owned by Moores Family that ran the Littlewoods Football Pools Company.

Meanwhile the Manchester United was owned by a brewer, then by a textile manufacturer and butcher. The reason businessmen are related to football clubs is to gain contacts. But with the huge financial commitment with player salaries increasing drastically in the recent years, businessmen realized the need for running the club successfully. For the smooth functioning of the club, assets are being purchased that are directed to make revenue for the club. The value of a club increases as the football club performs well and stays on the top. With greater performance the value of the club increases.

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